f o u n d

Being an ongoing collection of found objects, notes, used books, & other ephemera.

“To be lost if it must be so”: found at BPL

“can change”: marginalia found in Gregory Corso’s Mindfield,
commentary on “In the Fleeting Hands of Time” Brookline Public Library
“Looking for Explanations, Ascending Nodes”:
found in The Nautical Almanac for the Year 1974
Brookline Public Library
Found in used copy of Jack Hirschman’s “A Correspondence of Americans”,
Raven Used Books, Newbury St. Who are Barbara & Dick?
Top Google search suggests: Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson,
a/k/a Batgirl and Robin!?
“To Clayton, from Barbara” – found in Commonwealth Books, Boston 11/2013
Index card, found at Brookline Laundromat, 11/2013

“nice little weird ripoff.” — Inscription in Kerouac’s Town by Barry Gifford.
(Found in Raven Books, Newbury St., 11/2/13)
“…what things are about.” – inscription in Selected Writings of Paul Valery
(found in Raven Books, Newbury St. Boston, 8/13)
“Dear Nathan,”: found in used copy of
Gertrude Stein’s Paris, France (Harvard Bookstore)

photo booth friends; found in Selected Paul Celan,
Brookline Booksmith
“Gently”. – found in Rachel Glaser’s book Moods. Portsmouth Book & Bar (NH)
“Time Location Spelling”: found in Zach Savich’s Events Film Cannot Withstand.
Gift, Harvard Street, Brookline.
“Joseph Cooper’s Work Schedule for the Week 7/23 – 7/29, 200?” –
found in my copy of The Poetics of The New American Poetry,
finally returned by Mr. Cooper after loaned to him for considerable amount of time.