Spectra (a poem)

Moss Trill (a poem)

Otoliths (five poems)

The Argotist (two poems)

hush (three poems)

Word For Word (five poems)

Where Is The River (four poems; forthcoming)

Dream Pop Press (three poems; forthcoming)

BlazeVOX Journal (five poems; forthcoming)


Thirteen Myna Birds (two poems)

Otoliths (five poems)

Alien Buddha Press Goes Pop Anthology (two poems)

Blazing Stadium: Issue 11 (six poems)

Boog City – Issue 142 (five poems)


Moss Trill (three poems)

What Rough Beast (a poem)

Can We Have Our Ball Back? (four poems)

Boston Hassle – Live at the Gilmore Column – COVID Issue (a poem)

Really Serious Literature (a disappearing chapbook)


Otoliths (six poems)

Oddball Magazine (a poem)

Moss Trill (a poem)

The Ekphrastic Review (a poem)


What Rough Beast one two three four five six seven eight 

The Teenagers Company (conceptual/poetry series)


REALITY BEACH (3 poems w/audio & easter egg links)

Open Resistance Issue 8 (Other Rooms Press; 5 poems)

No Infinite Election Issue (print journal, two poems. can download pdf of issue via link)

Mass Poetry (interview, scroll to the bottom for a prose poem with audio!)


3:AM Magazine (poetic series) 

The James Franco Review (a poem)

Throg Sludge (one two three four five Occasional Sonnets)


Oddball Magazine (poem from Birdland)

No Infinite (print journal, two poems)

spoKe journal (print/online journal; poem)

Truck (excerpts from occasional landscapes)

Otoliths (sequence from The Adorable Details)


The Fanzine (3 poems from Birdland)

experimental-experiential-literature (sequence from The Adorable Details)

Emergency Index 2012 (print anthology from Ugly Duckling Presse)

Cormac McCarthy’s Dead Typewriter (1) / (2) (from Birdland)

On Barcelona (a poem from Birdland)

Other Rooms (from The Adorable Details)

Gesture (vispo from like a map with no ocean)

Dear Sir, (from The Adorable Details DEFUNCT

Country Music (from The Adorable Details)

e-ratio ( from some deer left the yard moving day)

The Kitchen Poet (from The High T’s)

2012 and prior

ditch (assorted conceptual poems)

Diagram Issue 12.5 and Issue 12.6 (some found diagrams)

BlazeVox Fall 2012 Issue (Mayflower Sutra series)

The Offending Adam (#102.1) from occasional landscapes

The Offending Adam (#102.1) A Conversation on chapbooks with Andrew Wessels

The Dialogue’s End (A conversation w/Travis Macdonald)

Intercapillary Space (2 collaborations w/Elizabeth Guthrie)

elimae DEFUNCT

Counterexample Poetics DEFUNCT


3by3by3 (1) (2)

Elective Affinities

Golden Lantern DEFUNCT

Dinosaur Bees (1) (2)  DEFUNCT

FactSimile Issue 2.1

The Medulla Review DEFUNCT

Buddhist Poetry Review

Dusie #8

The Offending Adam #6 (bonjour Meriwether & the rabid maps, rolled out in 4 serial installments)

Cricket Online Review

Requited Journal (1) (2)

otoliths (1) (2)

350 Poems Project (I’m # 340.)

Hmm, there’s a poem in the controversial fake anthology ISSUE 1 by “Andrew Peterson”…

Pinstripe Fedora  UNAVAILABLE