3 thoughts on “Jetty, Jete

  1. in response to this remarkable still movie for jen and myself i quote mr. spicer’s book of magazine verse, for the vancouver festival #6:Giving the message like a seagull scwaking about a dead piece of baitOut there on a pier – it’s been there for hours – the cats and the seagull fight over it.The seagull with only one leg, remote From identification. AnywayThey’re only catching shiners.The chinamen out there on the pier, the kids in blue jeans, the occasional old-age pensioner.The gull alone there on the pier, the one legThe individualMoment of truth that it cost him.Dead bait.—AKP thanks for the shizz, much love


  2. Andy, oh Andy…..how you touch my very soul with your understanding of it. My heart floats in the eternal memory of that little wooden box Greetings from Maine. Sept. 1962 on trip to Maine. Grandma, Grandpa Peterson, Uncle Lewie, mother and me (Peggy).


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