Color the Spines in Love, Pt. I

“Axel’s Ca——–Birds—-Donald——–American Poets—–Muriel Ruckeyser—–selected poems———-0th Anniversary Edition.—–The Ivory-Billed Woodp—–the opening of the”
“O to 9———-Jac—some of the dh——-Sou”
“lloy—–Samuel Beckett———-na Osman———now——-Coffee House Pr——-OEMS——-Ron Paget——e—Perfect————in the white botanica——-piero helicz———-Borrowed Love Po——-s/walls/yard/ways”
“ino———if on a winter’s nigh————cted Poems of Weldon Kees————-issue two—–ul sartre——–IDDER——-str——-wha————-Summer 2005——–Winter 2007———–Autumn 2007————-Autumn 2006————-Autumn 2006”
“SH POETRY———Derek————Harrison & Ted Kooser BRAID—————–D of the mind—Lawrence Ferlinghetti———-Routines—————awrence Ferlinghetti———Open Eye, O————-ng of Bone———-iot————-erican Prose Poems———Da——–Luis———-GES”

“Holy Forest——-Rob———William Shakespeare————A BERNADETTE MAY—————————————aire——–Notebook of a Return——————–Happy Birthday of Death”

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