3 thoughts on “"because/ there are waves in the night/i give to you waves/in eternal nights"

  1. Thanks for the question, Tim…I'll try to do my best to explain (ahem): i wanted to look at a synthesis of human-made & natural, so i picked three natural, earth-based materials (stones, trees, waves) which i believe represent various stages of growth, pressure & impermanance. & have interesting physical textures (a continuing curiosity of mine that i try to work with often in photography). i wanted to explore this familiarity from a different perspective. & trying to capture things as they are in a nonaggressive way, to use Trungpa's definition of dharma art. To me, that is using the human element (i.e. the invention of photography, the “illumination” of flash) & the element of chance. i went out into the night. beside having an idea of wanting to shoot these certain objects, i didn't know what the camera would capture, i couldn't see to focus & so left the actual captures to whatever that illuminating flash “caught”. (insert metaphor here…) also, i've watched many old b&w film noirs recently, & been curious & fascinated by elements of darkness & background. i wanted to work with night to capture a certain atmosphere, not in a menacing sense, but perhaps with its simple “hereness” & unknown mystery. for me these photos are a reminder of what still's present in the darkness of no-sight. in reference to the titles & restating your question, “why photograph these night visions?” my answer would be, happily, “because they're there!”


  2. thanks andy.i think your intent comes through in th arangement of the photographs. i like how focus is a self-contained force in these images. not random, per se, but not as result of your will either. really beautiful work. i responded on my blog last night with some photgraphs that ayrella shot. without ahving your words mind, i had my intuition, and the reaction i have to your work. all of which led me to display an interaction between the true artist (child) and me (viewer). ayrella grabs the camera and just takes pictures of her little world. the camera gives us a way to see what she witnesses. like the forces at work in your photos, hers carry a similar sense of the moment in motion. “there” slowed down just long enough for us to get a glimpse.at any rate, thank you for the dialogue. oh and by the way, send me your address so i can mail you some books.


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