Now Available! Here Come the Groovies, by Joseph Cooper & Andrew K. Peterson

LIVESTOCK EDITIONS, LIMITED presents Here Come the Groovies, a collaborative poetry chap/book by Joseph Cooper & Andrew K. Peterson


…Joe says, “Working with Andy is always maniacally educational. His profound insight into humanity makes even the most mundane moments scintillate with creative energy. Andy is a writer whose poetic aspirations, while certainly emotionally charged and deeply personal, selflessly reveal our various relational symmetries through playful experimentalism and a journalistic interrogation of truth. Groovies deeply embodies his brilliance and inventiveness, as much of this text was composed on bar patios stealing observations and menu specials, riding shotgun while transcribing our absurd dialogues, storefront advertisements, and coffee house sessions with MuuMuu House diatribes. Every Goon visitation is an effort to encapsulate, often a year’s worth of phone conversations, poetic invention, suppressed delight, into about four days. This particular Buffalo venture culminated in dozens of pages of work, one hangover after another and interminable laughter. Though, never before have our adventures so honestly depicted the madness of these encounters. Here Come the Groovies is a compilation of poems delivered truly by friendship, frenzy, and an insatiable desire for the poetic.”

…Andy says, “Working with Joe is a delightfully maddening challenge, because Joe is a poet and lives that way with gusto. Joe’s action-speech is always provocative and personal (therefore universal) and solicits meaningful and intimate conversation. About what you said, what he said, what you thought he said, what he thought he heard you say about what you thought about what he said, etc. Groovies mostly blossomed during my recent visit to Buffalo, & unspools that experience in a variety of unconscious collaborative forms: personal poem, found language, minimalist dialogue, invisible imitation, notation’s dream, and mystery text. I hope these poems capture honest, collapsible joys and exhaustions of a friendship fueled by poetry, presence (over distance) and other ephemeral substances. A kiss for good company.”

Groovy info: 76 pgs., 26 copies lettered A-Z & printed in October 2010: side-stitched, laser-printed on fine business paper with Coconut cardstock covers, & some extra-special limited covers printed on brown (“summer”) stock.

Please contact either Joe or Andy with your mailing address to receive a complimentary copy!

Livestock Editions

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