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An impromptu ‘performance’/’reading’ of a double sonnet, “An Attempt to Notate the Origins of My Clothing”, is set to appear in Ugly Duckling Presse’s amazing Emergency Index 2012, an anthology devoted to the space between documentation and performance. For more info, visit the Emergency Index site, here.

* * *

I’m honored to contribute to poet Jennifer Karmin’s 4000 Words 4000 Dead publishing/performance project, which she describes thus:

“In April 2008, I began collecting 4000 words as a memorial to the 4000 dead American soldier who had been killed in Iraq. Submissions came from friends, students, writers, activists, soldiers, and those who read about the project online. I asked each person to send me 1-10 words, gave parts of the poem away to pedestrians during public performances across the country, and painted the words using the American flag as a writing utensil in two installations.” –Jennifer Karmin 

4000 Words 4000 Dead is now available as a free PDF Download, paired with its companion piece, Revolutionary Optimism. To download this important piece of progressive poetic collaboration please visit Sona Books. (Update 11/13: Not sure Sona Books is available more. Maybe you can find it somewhere. You can read a review of the project by Jennifer K. Dick at, here.

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