"The Big Game Is Every Night" Now Available!

Pleased to share that my poetry chapbook THE BIG GAME IS EVERY NIGHT has just been released by Locofo Chaps as a *FREE* e-book (& as a physical chapbook too)! 
Locofo Chaps is a brand new politically-oriented poetry wing of Moria Books, edited by the courageous William Allegrezza. Bill’s goal is to publish 100 poetry chaps in the next 100 days (as a poetic resistance to some new racist-xenophobic-sexist-childish-unconstitutional “president”), and then send all the books to the White House as a poetic act of civil disobedience. Pretty cool! Bill’s currently accepting chapbook manuscripts for the series – so if you’re working your revolutions via verse, here’s a great way to share your practice.
The poems in TBGIEN (title is a song title by Jason Molina) are lyrik political, I guess. I steal, warble, leave things in public spaces, and dolefully eulogize the dance. A few poems have been previously approved of by some fearless editors who I’d also like to thank: Mitch Manning/Audrey Mardavich (No Infinite), Adam Tedesco and Anna Karenina (Reality Beach), Danielle Vogel (for curating RISD’s Earth Archive), and Ed Go/Napoleon Id (Other Rooms Press’ Open Resistance). So thanks to everyone who is doing something fearless through words, voices, marches, and other instruments of peace. Much love to all your fearless ways, dearests. ONWARD.

Chapbook is here: http://www.moriapoetry.com/petersonechap.pdf
Locofo Series is here: http://www.moriapoetry.com/locofo.html

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