Edie Sequence 7: Life on Mars*

* Note: The color of these images has not been manually manipulated; rather, the discoloration is from the natural deterioration of the film over time…

3 thoughts on “Edie Sequence 7: Life on Mars*

  1. When my great aunt Edie passed away in Spring 2004, my father and I travelled from Phoenix to Bucks County, PA. to clean out her apartment. In her closet I found shoe boxes of slides from her many trips around the world & scenes in NYC where she'd lived for 50 years. These “Edie Sequences” are photos of her photos, shot by me as viewed through her AGFASCOP 20 Slide Viewer. The images here are blurrier than the originals, partly because of my crude documentaion, but seem appropriate in the sense that these images are coming to us through time, through the distance of memory. The black frames around the images seem true, as if viewing not only a movie screen's image, but also the space around the screen. Her eye for both the common gesture and the beautiful, the grand landscape and the minute details of her subject are, to me, as hypnotizing as any moving image. -akp


  2. Brilliant!!! i am transfixed by the possibility of memory…the possibility of deterioration and presence…the spirits passing through us as we view the images as text as world as time as future as memories for tomorrow….a constellation of meaning as nomad across SPACE and TIME via technological reproduction…we can read so much from these imprinted material and spiritual architectonic communiques from the past!!HAHA!!


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