3 thoughts on “A pulse, as if the backstreets commemorates our fraying ropes of light

  1. andy,the three most recent posts are some of my favorites. i find that i have been going back through my photos and finding value that had been previously overlooked, and looking at my old camera with equal appreciation beside the new one, how each machine (photograph, poem, artifice)takes on a purpose of its own. the work slows us down enough to accomplish/ realize that. i’m curious, if you don’t mind discussing it, some of the technique employed here, the composition methods…particularly with the images of the birds. i like how proximity is uninhibited by focus. (hah, little role reversal for ya there!)


  2. Thanks for your incisive-as-always views on these, Tim! I love your phrase, 'proximity is uninhibited by focus'! Yes! and i'd love to see some of your old photos rolled out on the breath (made visible). I'll include a little bit of the the technique for these past three in the comment section under each one…for 'a pulse…' i was coming home from the movies or somewhere, and pointing and shooting randomly while driving at various lights along the otherwise dark backstreets: street lights, traffic signals, passing cars, houses' interior/exterior lites. slow shutter speed & 400 ISO created the intense blurring / abstractions of light-shape. as with other “night” pieces, “an intended randomness”, letting the medium/my intention re-discover the world, seen from anew, and i just like how each piece has its own feel and, to me, tells a story you can make up the plot lines to…


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