One thought on “in blurring body rushes a song for cold wings

  1. Tim, my mother has this structure in the front yard i call “The Bird Food Court”, which has a handful of feeders on it, seen here. i sat in the dining room for about 20 minutes, shooting through the window as our snow-birds came and went and came. Slow shutter speed/400 ISO, cloudy day, birds darting around quickly, fighting and feeding again create that blurry feel which i feel is accurate to the energy of the scene; sometimes the camera moved with a bird, sometimes just the birds moved, sometimes i moved.again, your great phrase, “proximity uninhibited by focus”, comes to mind here. i like that these are blurry because that technique takes a simple nature scene and make it look mysterious and new to me… and how blurring plays with the concept of time & action & space within the eternal moment… uh, yeah!


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